Wetwheels Exercise

We were pleased to take part in a pre-season training exercise yesterday with Wetwheels Jersey and Jersey Coastguard.

Carried out on the south coast of Jersey, Wetwheels Jersey acted as the casualty vessel for the exercise, with members of the Coastguard also onboard. The exercise scenario was Wetwheels Jersey taking on water, needing help stopping the ingress of water and needing assistance evacuating passengers with reduced mobility.

The exercise was carried out to make sure we are all ready for the busy season ahead. Pre-season exercises such as this are important to help the crews of the Lifeboat and Wetwheels train with all their safety equipment. Wetwheels Jersey also showed that they are not only a wonderful charity but are also crewed by very skilled mariners.

A few photos from the training exercise, courtesy of Wetwheels Jersey. A very worthwhile afternoon, and a great day out on the water with the volunteers from WetWheels, well done to all involved.