About Us:

The formation of the Jersey Lifeboat Association was formally approved by The Royal Court on the 2nd February 2018.

The objects of the Association:

1. To save lives, promote safety and provide relief from disaster, in relation to the coastal waters of the Island of Jersey.

2. To advance the education of the public in matters relating to the sea, and both inland and flood water safety.

Council members:

Simon O’Donoghue – Chairman
Mike Stevens - Council Member
Ben Shenton – Council Member
James Gales – Treasurer

Chairmans' comment:

“I am delighted to be associated with the Jersey Lifeboat Association. The provision of year-round lifeboat facilities to a small island community is of vital importance. The charity aims to work closely with the community in a manner that only a locally managed organisation can, with monies donated fully accountable and identifiable. The appreciation and respect of volunteers shall be at the forefront of everything that we do.”“The council members of the charity are delighted to have a strong body of approximately 50 volunteers working with us. Our initial aim shall be to build up the membership and we give our assurance that we shall work closely with our members, we shall listen to our members, and we shall always respect our members.”“The council is delighted to have the support of Andy Hibbs and the former St Helier Lifeboat crew whose knowledge of local waters and professionalism is unsurpassed. This irreplaceable asset, together with the ability of a locally controlled lifeboat station to operate a service tailored to local requirements, is of primary importance. Finally, we are pleased that the RNLI have offered to give their assistance in establishing the Jersey Lifeboat Association. We look forward to working with them.”

Ben Shenton, Chairman