Water safety – Spring/Summer

As the weather improves, it’s all too easy to head to the beach, pool or other waterside spot, but it can be a dangerous place if you don’t observe water safety. All to often, we hear of people drowning in situations that could have been easily avoided. That’s why we’re putting together a series of tips to help you be water safe.

No lifeguards: Remember – there are no lifeguards around to look out for you
It’s not as warm as you think: Open water and even your pool can be much colder than you think, and that can affect your ability to swim and save yourself.

Don’t push it: Keep close to the shore, so that you’re never too far away from it if you get caught out.

Don’t be fooled: Currents can be really strong. There’s no point fighting against a riptide if you get caught – swim with the current and call for help!

Don’t go alone: Always make sure you have at least one person with you. That way, you’ve got someone there to help or get help.

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