Water safety – drowning

The majority of us wouldn’t just stand by and do nothing if we saw someone was in trouble in the water. Normally you’d alert the lifeguard or summon help, but what do you do when that’s just not possible – there’s no lifeguards or there’s no-one else around?

Here are some tips as to what to do to help someone who looks like they are in trouble and at risk of drowning.

Stay alert: Not everyone who’s in trouble will be shouting for help. Maybe they are struggling to breath. If you’re not sure, shout to them and see if they respond. If they say they want help, or don’t/can’t respond – act!

Don’t jump in: Don’t be tempted to dive in – the water might be cold, and you’ll risk putting yourself in danger too. Call for the emergency services – dial 999 or 112

Shout & signal: From the show, you will have a better view of the area than the casualty will have. Shout encouragement to them and guide them to shallower water or something they can cling on to. Don’t forget to tell them to kick their legs

Rescue aids: If there is a buoyancy aid or something you can use to help the casualty, throw it over to them

Get stabilised: Before you pull the casualty out of the water, make sure you are in a position where you won’t fall in. Lie down or get on one knee to give yourself more support