Water safety – anglers

Angling can seem like a harmless, peaceful activity which can be undertaken here or further afield. The dangers that large bodies of water pose should always be considered before you grab your line. Unfortunately, a number of anglers lose their lives through drowning every year. For that reason, we’ve put together a few pointers to keep you safe:

Wading & wellies: Don’t wade in the water if there is a strong current, and always wear a floatation vest when wading. Flooded wellies or waders can make it very difficult to move and therefore they can become a significant hazard. Do you really need them?

Know the area: When you arrive at your chosen spot, think about what you would do if you fell into the water – where could you get out? Make sure you know where you are located so that you can direct emergency services if needed

Hazard awareness: Be aware of local water hazards: weirs, currents, slippery or undercut banks etc

Sensible set up: Always try to set yourself up in a safe position with even ground. Have a throw line with you and get experience in how to use it.

Go prepared: Take a mobile phone incase you need to call the emergency services if someone is in trouble. Learn basic live-saving skills such as CPR.

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