Summer Safety Tips: Sails and Rigging

Summer is finally here! Before you head back out into the water, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind…

Part 10: Check your sails and rigging

No matter how big or new your boat is, the sails and rigging must be checked and upgraded regularly.

Rigging – The rig is put under massive stress so it is important that you inspect it at regular intervals. A well maintained rig could last up to 20 years. Check all standing and running rigging and be sure to thoroughly inspect all components of your rigging to find out what needs replacing. Look out for snags in halyards that could catch inside blocks or signs of wear, such as broken strands of wire. It is important that you replace anything that is worn.

Sails – Just like the rigging, well maintained sails will last much longer than those subject to neglect. To take proper care of your sails you must check for damage in stitching and chafe damage. Unfurl or unfold your sails and check if any repairs are needed, and get any loose threads, damaged reinforcement panels or bolt ropes back in working order before use. It is also important that you secure your sails properly when your boat is not in use. Strong winds can easily rip the sails and damage the rigging.

Keep tuned for more in our series of safety tips to get you back in the water.

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