Summer Safety Tips: Electicals

Summer is finally here! Before you head back out into the water, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind…

Part 9: Check your electrics & electrical connections

A faulty electrical connection can leave you stranded on your first day. Make sure your battery cables are tight and free from corrosion. The batteries should have been periodically charged during the winter. If not, charge them now so they’ll start your engine when the time comes.

If you had flickering lights or odd electrical problems last season, your gremlins are probably due to loose wires or connections. Give a tug on your connections to check for tightness. Better to have them come apart now than when you’re on the water.

Make sure all of your electronic equipment is operational – now is the time (not later, when you are out on depending on it) to put in the time. Repair or replace any software or hardware that isn’t up to the job. Install any software updates that are available. Check your running lights, cockpit, cabin and other lights – are all of the bulbs working? Make sure to check your VHF too – for more information on how to do this, as well as a handy download to keep onboard, click here.

Keep tuned for more in our series of safety tips to get you back in the water.

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