Summer Safety Tips: Bilge Pumps & Switches

Summer is finally here! Before you head back out into the water, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind…

Part 8: Bilge Pump and Switches

Bilge pumps and switches are extremely important for boat safety. The bilge removes water from your boat, the bilge pump will then draw the water out. Without a working bilge pump your boat is in danger of flooding. It is easy to overlook these but their maintenance is essential for keeping your boat safe.

Regular inspections are a must and should be included in your boat’s general maintenance. Before setting sail you should make sure your pump has power and is working.

The best way to make sure your pump and switch are working is to do what Mother Nature would do: add some water to your bilge. You’ll instantly know if all parts of your system are working. If not, check electrical connections at the pump and switch, which are the most common areas for failure. If you’re faced with a trickle outflow, it may be time to upgrade to a larger pump and hoses.

Additionally, it is important to keep your bilge pump clean. Without proper maintenance bilge water can become dirty and polluted. Bilge cleaning should be done regularly but is often forgotten by boaters, don’t make the same mistake. Even in a new boat the bilge may not be clean.

Keep tuned for more in our series of safety tips to get you back in the water.

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