Spring Safety Tips: Water Systems

Now that spring is here, it’s time to get back in the water!

But before you do, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind…

Water Systems

These are often an overlooked item when it comes to commissioning your boat: all the fresh and raw water plumbing and pipes. This includes raw water engine cooling systems, automatic and manual bilge pumps and tubes as well as sinks, showers and marine heads, and also freshwater tanks.

Check for leaks on taps and drains. Turn on the water pressure and check for leaks throughout the system. Once all of the air is out, the pump shouldn’t run. If it does, check for leaks. If you turn on the tap and nothing happens, check the water pressure switch. If the pump runs, but the water doesn’t, then fill the water tank. Try again. Flush the toilet. Recharge the chemical, then inspect all connections for dampness with a dry paper towel.
Try turning on the taps in the galley – is the water pink? If so, you need to clear out the remaining antifreeze in the system. Boats with freshwater systems, heads with holdings tanks, sinks and shower were most likely treated to some antifreeze before the colder months. This will need to be flushed through with freshwater, until you are 100% sure that the antifreeze has been cleared through the pipes. Fill your water tank(s) up and open up all taps and showers. Let them run through until the pink discolouration from the anti-freeze is gone, then give it an extra couple of minutes (just to make sure).

Keep tuned for more in our series of safety tips to get you back in the water.

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