Spring Safety Tips: Engines

The weather is moving through spring, towards summer. Before you head back out into the water, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind…


You safely winterised your boat, so now it’s time to give everything a thorough check before taking her back out onto the water. Inspect the propellors for damage and make sure all pins are secure. Dinged or bent props can cause unwanted vibration that loosens screws and fixings, not to mention poor performance and damage to your propulsion system.

Check all fluid levels, including engine oil (check the oil if you didn’t do so when you winterized your boat). Include a new oil filter and change drive lubricants too. Also check coolant, power trim reservoir and power steering fluid. If your impeller is showing any signs of wear, make sure to replace it.

Check all belts, cables and hoses for wear. Watch out for cracking that has occurred during the winter storage. Control cables with swelling or cracks on the outer layer may indicate a need to replace. Belts should fit tightly around pulleys to prevent slippage. A worn belt may fit loosely and have a black substance near to the pulley.

Keep tuned for more in our series of safety tips to get you back in the water.

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