Safety Tips: Shorter Days

The summer months have come and gone, but this doesn’t mean that danger is going into hibernation. Besides, the pools lidos are still open. Of course, while you’re swimming, remember to stay as safe as possible. No matter what the season, safety should take precedence.

Shorter days bring more dangers

The long days of summer are now behind us. In the autumn, the days are much shorter. One of the best autumn safety tips is to take heed of the limited daylight. Night comes quickly in these months. With less daylight, parents should remind their children not to play outside in the dark. Set firm but fair rules about outdoor play during the autumn. Additionally, take a moment to warn your little ones to take extra precautions.

  • Wear reflective clothing to make themselves more visible to motorists.
  • Come home earlier when the sun sets earlier.
  • Be extra careful when visibility is poor. Falling injuries are far more likely when children can’t see where they are running.

Stay tuned for our next autumn safety tips, and stay safe!

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