Safety Tips: Pool Safety

The summer months have come and gone, but this doesn’t mean that danger is going into hibernation. Besides, the pools lidos are still open. Of course, while you’re swimming, remember to stay as safe as possible. No matter what the season, safety should take precedence.

Secure home swimming pools

If you have a swimming pool, it’s time to start thinking about safely and securely closing your pool. After all, during those months when no one is even thinking about hopping into the pool, it should be properly locked up and covered.

A properly installed pool fence, pool cover and alarms are powerful weapons in the fight against drowning danger. Your pool cover should be able to support the full bodyweight of a person. This should help to prevent anyone from stumbling in and becoming trapped under the water. A pool fence should be strong, tall and properly locked at all times.

Don’t forget to lock up any toys or chemicals. Keeping these out of sight will help put the pool out of mind for intrepid and curious young explorers.

Stay tuned for our next autumn safety tips, and stay safe!

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