We know: lifejackets can seem cumbersome and uncomfortable, not to mention un-stylish! We get it. That’s not what they’re for though.

With more and more people venturing into the water, whether that’s in a motorised boat or a canoe, we cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a lifejacket. You must, must, must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) when you’re on the water.

Here’s why:

– Wearing a lifejacket or a PFD can prevent 90% of boating-related drownings.

– It reduces the initial impact when you first fall in the water (shock from the cold water on your muscles), which can help prevent hypothermia

– If you have fallen into the water whilst you’re alone and you’re wearing an approved personal flotation device (PFD), slow down body heat loss through the Heat Escape Lessening Position (HELP) (cross your arms tightly against your chest and draw your knees up). This position can increase your survival time by 50%.

– On average 400 people drown in the UK each year, and 44% of those fatalities happen to people who had no intention of entering the water.

– Wearing a lifejacket or a PFD can have a ripple effect. By setting the example, you can help make sure that all passengers on your boat have properly secured their lifejackets or PFDs.

Simply having the lifejackets on board is not enough; everyone on board must wear a life vest and have it properly secured at all times. We want everyone to enjoy the water, but we also want you to stay safe.

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