Joint effort

On Tuesday 21st May at approx 21:30, the JLA was tasked to assist a French sailing yacht that had run aground on rocks close to St Helier harbour.

In conjunction with RNLI Jersey and Jersey Coastguard, all available SAR assets were deployed.

On arrival at the scene shortly behind the RNLI, it became clear that the fast-running propeller of the vessel presented additional risk to the four adults and four young children who were at the time in a life raft at the stern. JLA’s Albert Pinel placed a crew member aboard the stricken vessel to stop the running propeller before collecting a casualty and transporting them back to waiting shore crew.

In a rapidly changing situation all SAR organisations worked to produce a successful outcome.

We thank Jersey Coastguard, Ports of Jersey and RNLI Jersey for their contribution to a complicated incident that was resolved with no final threat to life.