JLA wins BBC Make A Difference Award

During our Saturday fundraising meeting there was a knock at the door.
We all looked at each other bemused, no one was expecting what came next.
Darcy and her BBC team entered the room and introduced themselves.
Unbeknownst to all of us the JLA had been nominated for a Make a Difference Award. That’s a whole UK award that includes the Channel Islands.
And guess what? We had only won in the Jersey nominations!
Thank you to the BBC, Darcy and all the people who nominated the JLA.
A big shout out too for all the crew and admin staff who deserve this prestigious award.
Well done everyone

Incase you missed it

Here’s our very own Chairman talking to the BBC about winning the Make a Difference Award in 2023, and how much it means to us all at the Jersey Lifeboat Association.

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