JLA assists Jet Skier

At 21:09 last night the JLA received a call from Jersey Coastguard to assist a jet-skier who had lost contact with their shore party in St Brelades bay. With daylight now gone, time was ticking to find the jet ski.

Albert Pinel was launched on service and leapt into action, arriving on scene 26 minutes after the initial call.
Vessel HST Ella was on scene and assisted by using their super powerful searchlight to help identify the missing craft which was found drifting west inside the Kaines with the rider still on board.

Albert Pinel took the jet ski and rider back to St Brelades after wrapping them up in something warm; as they were cold, wet and shivering. Thank you to all who ventured out.

If you are looking to head to sea, please make sure you have appropriate means of communication such as a VHF, appropriate clothing for the activity you’re intending to carry out and also let someone know your intentions.

Jersey Coastguard have released the Trace app which will log a transit report from the convenience of your smart phone.

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