A visit from Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham

On Tuesday, 9th April, the Jersey Lifeboat Association (JLA) was honoured to host Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham for a comprehensive visit to our fleet. This included a detailed discussion with council members regarding ongoing progress, advanced training, and strategic planning for support initiatives.

Chief Minister Farnham expressed admiration for the sophisticated equipment showcased, particularly highlighting the Albert Pinel vessel for its state-of-the-art apparatus. He also commended the crew’s unwavering dedication and commitment to maritime rescue operations.

During the visit, council members engaged in a constructive dialogue with the Chief Minister, addressing common challenges faced by charitable organisations, particularly in areas of fundraising and training advancements. They also shared their aspirations for the future of the organisation.

It was a rewarding experience for both parties, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to update the Chief Minister on future developments.

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