Chairman’s Update

After negotiating with Advocate Cadin in December, Kirsten Morel has been actively helping us work with Ports of Jersey to determine the specific requirements needed for us to resume our role as a SAR (Search and Rescue) asset. Initially, the requirements were unclear, but now we have a scheduled visit from the MCA in the first week of May. We held a meeting in mid-March to get all crew members up to speed, and we had an impressive 98% turnout. Currently, all crew members are reviewing procedures and undergoing training to ensure that we are ready for the MCA visit. Our standard operating procedures, which are managed on our D4H system, have been reviewed and found to be in excellent working order by both Ports and the MCA.

Earlier in the year we had slight damage to the Albert Pinel whilst on her mooring in St Helier harbour caused by a passing freighter this was immediately repaired and she all fully prepared and ready to serve our island.

In summary, we have fully-equipped boats that exceed requirements which are completely operational. Even our defibrillators and heat seeking capabilities surpass anybody in the Channel Islands. Additionally, we have a local board of trustees and without doubt the most experienced crew whom are all ready fully trained and prepared to take on the crucial role of saving lives at sea for our island.

Simon O’Donoghue