Boat Owners Checklist part 6

Boat Care Info Part 6: Trailers

We’re all about keeping you safe on the water. With the improved weather, more and more people are wanting to get out on their boats, but you need to make sure that your vessel is in good condition before you set sail. The guys at Islands Insurance have put together some great advice, which we’d like to share with you all.  Follow the Boat Owners checklist series here.

Don’t get in trouble before you’re even on the water. Make sure to check over your trailer too:

  • Ensure that your trailer is legal, roadworthy and fit for purpose
  • Check rollers and pads
  • Check and lubricate wheel bearings
  • Check and lubricate winch, tongue jack and wheel
  • Check lights and electrical connections
  • Check tyre pressure and condition
  • Check brakes (if equipped)
  • Check safety chains
  • Check tongue lock


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